Trashbot 5, new hips, first movements

Last week I added three degrees more to Trashbot, two hip servos for forward movement (“kicking”) and one to the bone.

This week I found some time to do the first single servo movements and tests to check out the new geometry of the bot since the broader hips will affect the Center of Gravity etc. Here’s the first attempt to do what the normal gait would do: shift the body to one foot:

So, definetly software teaching me how to improve hardware… Next draft iteration:

In the end, we learn to take advantage of the full body. At least in these simple sequential movements of the servos it’s important to understand the weight implications of the full body, so I added the upper part of Trashbot to get the full machine:

And finally the first moves of Trashbot 5 fully assembled (and his first kick!):

Next week, I’ll hopefully widen both feet, work on some sequences so that we can check out multi-servo movements to get at least one nice step. And we’ll face the question: can Trashbot use his hips for longer strides without ankle servos? Really excited to check that out…


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