Monthly Archives: October 2015

Blackbird 2 FPV 3D camera unboxing

I’ve been dreaming of building a remote controlled 3D camera rig for the Oculus Rift for over a year now. Recently, I came across the Blackbird 3D First Person View camera here┬áin a forum. And then I learned that the producer of this nice thing actually just launched the version 2 which is natively capable of producing images suitable for the Oculus Rift by rotating the videos glueing them next to each other and distorting them adequately. And I had to buy it right away. That was about three weeks ago and finally, today I received it.

It thought I just share the unboxing of it with you, I hope I’ll have time to play with it (the rest of the hardware is on my desk already: an analog display, wireless transmission, USB video digitisation and a 2 DoF servo gimbal to be remote controlled). Yay!

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Babble Pi vs Jimmy Fallon

So, here’s BabblePi’s software: CMU Sphinx running in a phoneme detection mode, i.e. it is not recognising text or words, but really phonemes (transcriptions of speech sounds). It is then speaking this sequence back using espeak again running in phoneme mode:

So when we’re looking at BabblePi and how it is listening and repeating words and sentences, we see that Continue reading