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Omega 3 fatty acids and Alzheimer’s

We have all heared about omega-3 fatty acids and that they are good for your health. Over the last couple of months I have collected some literature and knowledge around this magic stuff made out of fish oil to understand better what is going on.

Studying Wikipedia, we learn that omega 3 seems not to help against cancer and cardiovascular diseases, two of the major causes of death.

The body human body is not able cannot synthesize omega-3 and other fatty acids, they¬†can only be supplied by a diet (rich in oily fish, etc.). It seems however, that Omega 3 helps to fight inflammation, maintain mental health as well as reduce the risk of dementia. Given that there is quite a lot of literature on Alzheimer’s related to inflammation (“inflammation hypothesis”), there might be also a chance that Omega 3 helps to prevent the outbreak of AD or at least delay its onset.

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