oculus rift shipping and what i plan to do with it!

oculus rift shipping!

YEAH! can’t wait to hook up the oculus rift dk2 up to my wii fit board. i think that navigation in the virtual space via finger, keyboard, mouse, wii nunchuck or razor hydra etc is sub optimal. you have to have your hands free to do things that hands do in the real space. walking is obviously not part of that…

so i would like to stand on the board and read out the pressure sensors of the wii fit board to accelerate ahead to steer left / right just by moving my body similar to using a skateboard.

and the leap motion. it is of outmost importance to use your hands in the space and leap motion did a great pivot recently when adapting their SDK to the oculus rift, i.e. adding support for finding your hands even if the leap motion controller is not on the table but attached to your helmet. can’t wait to see this. plus the leap motion controller / sdk has built-in support for gesture recognition so that you can easily implement a couple of basic interactions with objects in the virtual space.

and my two asus xtions, the guy below uses three kinects. it will be a great thing to fuse the real world and the virtual world. i’d love to track my body via openni and / or see myself in the virtual space. the rift’s head tracking and possibly the xtion’s spatial position tracking will allow me to walk in space but also give real out-of-body experiences in the helmet. soo cool, check the video out below:



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